Thursday, August 25, 2016

Greetings Dear Ones,    An important topic I would like to touch upon is time.   In the third dimension we have organized time as linear and this is how our lives and understanding of our existence is taught.  We think in terms of past, present and future that is lived out in one direction and on one dimension.       Once you start grasping the fullness of your being in the 5th dimension, you become aware that time does not exist. It is a limitation of the 3rd dimension thinking.  If you think of your life and time as linear, then you are essentially living your life counting down the days from the beginning to end which is to die a certain death.   It gives you a dismal sense of mortality which triggers your body and mind to age.   If you could truly understand that time is not linear, you would realize aging is not necessary.  Your Divine self discovers an existence greater than one linear life on Earth.

Meanwhile the old beliefs about time can still remain as debris as we step from the 3rd to 5th dimension.

I know for myself most of my life I have spent the present moment fretting upon regrets of the past and worry of the future which has resulted in a lack of self love and a poor quality of life in the present moment.  In my past understanding of time as linear, worrying was a big problem for me.
I reflect back on the times where I feel overwhelmingly embarrassed about  my character and all the times I did not take the high road.  The shame that I put upon myself trapped me in the past.   Having a new understanding of time as not linear, I can recognize that the person from what I perceive of as my past, is merely an aspect of myself showing me the way back to the high road and directing me to my higher self.   It is not a definition of who I am, it is just a part of who I am becoming.   I feel grateful for recognizing that the Divine has a dark side.  It is not anything to be ashamed or try to fight.   I love the dark aspects of myself because they teach me how much more love I needed to give myself.   I was never a bad person. I was just in need of more love.  Love that only i could give myself, by accepting both the Dark and the Light of my being there is no need to ever worry about who I was in the past, and there is a confidence that my new rise in spritual awakening has nothing to do with time, it has instead to do with acceptance.

Next time you say "i don't have time" for this or that.. just remember time doesn't exist.

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  1. "You know it never has been easy
    Whether you do or you do not resign
    Whether you travel the breadth of extremities
    Or stick to some straighter line;
    I know, no one's going to show me everything
    We all come and go unknown
    Each so deep and superficial
    Between the forceps and the stone-"

    Joni Mitchell-