Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heaven on Earth

What is heaven on Earth?   When I think about that question, I think of it in two ways. .. what it is now for certain people, and what it could be for all.   There are people whose lives are pretty dreamy and there are people who's lives are pretty much Hell.   One is Here Now and the other is a hope for a better world.  If I try to think about how I personally could change the world so that it was Heaven on Earth for everyone, I feel pretty defeated.  If I think about how I could make my own life more of a Heaven than I feel hope, but I also feel a little selfish.  Why should I have it good whilst others suffer?   It is a conditioning of guilt which is a bad feeling and does not create a space for anyone to live joyously.  Instead, if I could live with joy without feeling guilty, it would send the message that living with joy is OK and that I could be one less person who needs to be helped and one more person who can help.  If you think about humans as all living in one big house, then it is obvious that one person could not clean up the whole house by themself.  But if each person cleaned up their own room.... we'd have a much cleaner house. One that would be more in line with Heaven on Earth.