Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Solstice Shifting into Perspective

Happy Summer Solstice!!  It has been a dramatic change of the season here on the big Island where the term, "New Earth" has a very literal meaning.  Kilauea began erupting in the Beginning of May and the lava continues to flow right on into the summer months creating almost 400 acres of new land on the East side of the Big Island of Hawaii.   I have been witness to the sudden change and observed the different perspectives held by those affected from those who are devastated to those who are finding new purpose and community.   Those who are limiting the experience to a singular victim mentality to those who can connect with a higher purpose opportunity to examine one's own ability to create reality.  It is a little bit fascinating to me that so much new land is being created as if to illustrate the physical aspect of New Earth.   In the spiritual world there is much talk about a "New Earth" emerging that will be a place of Peace and Love and it is referenced as the "Fifth Dimension."  I have been introduced this past year to a teacher, Bentinho Massaro who refers to what others are calling "Dimensions" as "Densities."   This made a lot of sense to me as I feel referring this higher level of consciousness as a Dimension creates an immediate restriction since it is singular; whereas, higher consciousness is truly awakened to multiverses.   Does not every dimension/reality have a collective of different densities of consciousness both in form and illusion?  It would seem it must.

Back to the physical New Earth being created here.  What a fantastic way to Remember our evolution.   The elemental energy of  Fire, Water, Earth and Air  is where it all begins... then comes the trees and the birds and the fish and then us!   What will we do from here. Create an Earth that is in Service to Self or an Earth that is in Service to Others.   What will we do.  I know what I will do. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Examining the emotion behind a desire

We are making our way out of winter and into Spring.  For many of us it was an intense winter as far as the elements were concerned.   Here in Hawaii there has been an unprecedented amount of rain.  It has been a challenge for me to keep my attitude and vibration high as the constant rain has literally dampened my spirit.   I have wondered if perhaps there is a place better suited for me.   I stop and reflect on why it was that i came to Hawaii in the first place.. I stop and think and then chuckle when I realize that a big reason I came was because I had a concern about not having enough fresh water.  The idea of living in a rain forest and collecting rainwater to store in a large tank was very comforting to me.  So really I got what I wanted.   Fresh water. 
The Universe really has a way of always answering your wishes with a big dose of "are you sure that is what you want?"

As I awaken to my True Self and Co-creator of my reality, I realize how important it is to use my emotional guidance for better understanding my desires versus my fears.    Thinking back on why I wanted to live in a place with water, was not necessarily because rain gives me joy, but because the fear of not having water.   I can see better now that acting on fear is stepping away from joy.  Luckily it wasn't my only reason for coming here... and so I continue my reflection.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Year of 11

Happy New Year !  This year we have the numerology of 11 . This is the time to step up next to the Divine and walk side by side.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

5th Dimensional Reality and a World with No Suffering already exists

It is not about WHEN you will ascend to the 5th dimensional timeline, remember there is no time.. it is about desiring to be in a higher dimensional reality.   It is already there.  Yes, there is an Earth where everyone lives in JOY and there is no suffering.  It is an Earth where the people instinctively know they are a Unity Consciousness and as such never alone and never without.   
Every reality that is happening is an activation.  Physical reality is a response to what is happening in your energy reality.  If there are unpleasant things happening in your direct environment then it is occurring so that you have a chance to clear something from not only your own timeline, but also from the collective consciousness. How do you do this?   It is done by how you respond. Maintaining a high vibration type of response is the way into a 5th dimensional reality. Things are going haywire in the 3rd and 4th dimension because it is collapsing.  If you were to have access to multiple dimensions you would Know this is happening to help open hearts so that the Soul's True Self may be revealed and the Higher Self which knows perfection can come forth. 
A high vibration response is one of "compassion, love, support, hope, encouragement rather than a response of fear, pity, sorrow, sadness,  or blame.
  Do you feel what I am saying?    Learn to have empathy without needing to heal or feel another person or groups pain.    It is none of your business.They are working their way through the darkness.   Your business is keeping your light bright when the physical world is showing a timeline of Darkness and suffering.   Remembering your soul's Divine Gift from God is Love.   Love Trumps all.  Do you think it is a coincidence there is someone who provokes so much judgement and low vibration  is named Trump?    No fear no blame. you got it.   Love's got your back.   Mother Earth has already ascended so don't worry about her.  She is your Mother and she holds you in her womb until you are ready to be birthed. 
Stand in your Power.  It is your transmission you are watching.  Watching with no blame and no fear 
allows you to transcend Judgment.   Expanding your consciousness in this manner with propel you into the desired 5th dimensional world.  You may not agree with what i transmit but everything is an activation and free will means you can take it or leave it.   I celebrate a new Earth with no suffering and pain.  I am that I am.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heaven on Earth

What is heaven on Earth?   When I think about that question, I think of it in two ways. .. what it is now for certain people, and what it could be for all.   There are people whose lives are pretty dreamy and there are people who's lives are pretty much Hell.   One is Here Now and the other is a hope for a better world.  If I try to think about how I personally could change the world so that it was Heaven on Earth for everyone, I feel pretty defeated.  If I think about how I could make my own life more of a Heaven than I feel hope, but I also feel a little selfish.  Why should I have it good whilst others suffer?   It is a conditioning of guilt which is a bad feeling and does not create a space for anyone to live joyously.  Instead, if I could live with joy without feeling guilty, it would send the message that living with joy is OK and that I could be one less person who needs to be helped and one more person who can help.  If you think about humans as all living in one big house, then it is obvious that one person could not clean up the whole house by themself.  But if each person cleaned up their own room.... we'd have a much cleaner house. One that would be more in line with Heaven on Earth.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Greetings Dear Ones,    An important topic I would like to touch upon is time.   In the third dimension we have organized time as linear and this is how our lives and understanding of our existence is taught.  We think in terms of past, present and future that is lived out in one direction and on one dimension.       Once you start grasping the fullness of your being in the 5th dimension, you become aware that time does not exist. It is a limitation of the 3rd dimension thinking.  If you think of your life and time as linear, then you are essentially living your life counting down the days from the beginning to end which is to die a certain death.   It gives you a dismal sense of mortality which triggers your body and mind to age.   If you could truly understand that time is not linear, you would realize aging is not necessary.  Your Divine self discovers an existence greater than one linear life on Earth.

Meanwhile the old beliefs about time can still remain as debris as we step from the 3rd to 5th dimension.

I know for myself most of my life I have spent the present moment fretting upon regrets of the past and worry of the future which has resulted in a lack of self love and a poor quality of life in the present moment.  In my past understanding of time as linear, worrying was a big problem for me.
I reflect back on the times where I feel overwhelmingly embarrassed about  my character and all the times I did not take the high road.  The shame that I put upon myself trapped me in the past.   Having a new understanding of time as not linear, I can recognize that the person from what I perceive of as my past, is merely an aspect of myself showing me the way back to the high road and directing me to my higher self.   It is not a definition of who I am, it is just a part of who I am becoming.   I feel grateful for recognizing that the Divine has a dark side.  It is not anything to be ashamed or try to fight.   I love the dark aspects of myself because they teach me how much more love I needed to give myself.   I was never a bad person. I was just in need of more love.  Love that only i could give myself, by accepting both the Dark and the Light of my being there is no need to ever worry about who I was in the past, and there is a confidence that my new rise in spritual awakening has nothing to do with time, it has instead to do with acceptance.

Next time you say "i don't have time" for this or that.. just remember time doesn't exist.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to my new Blog!  I am calling it the 5th Dimension love Portal because I believe that leading a life with an open heart and ability to truly love yourself and others creates the doorway to raising your consciousness to the 5th Dimension.  It is a journey of awakening the soul to new realms and it is not a quick or one step process.   It is also helpful to know you are not alone in the journey. You do go through the initiation alone, however, it is not without the help of many other loving souls cheering you on and feeling deep love for you every step of the way.    
To walk the path of enlightenment, as one of my favorite spiritual teachers Matt Kahn, says, is to take "the High road."  Everything will happen as the Divine unfolds, but we have choices everyday that can determine whether the bodies and characters we took on when we came into the third dimension will have a good or not so good time of it all.  Taking the high road is to act in the highest potential of your character, which will always result in a life lived with more joy and higher consciousness for all.

The key difference to life in the 5th dimension is that everyone is heart centered and the mind and heart are so closely connected, that all communication is highly conscious.  Decisions are made not by how they will create a cause or effect, but by what is understood as an inner knowing of what is best.   With highly attuned clairvoyant abilities our thoughts are clear and intuition easily followed, making for extremely compatible interactions.  

When i say this is not a one step process or something that will happen overnight, (like so many people thought would happen upon the arrival of 2012, an instant Golden Age,) it is a process that will happen, we are in a time of "awakening."   To be aware and participate in the unfolding of our new enlighten selves is why I came here.  It is like going to the desert in the rare time that flowers bloom.  

Learning to love, really love, is the key initiation, however, as your vibration rises, sometimes the body needs to make adjustments and this can leave you with ascension symptoms that can create physical and emotional challenges that will knock you off "the high road,"    Adversity becomes simply a tool to nudge you back on it.    I am here to remind you that you are loved and that everything is going to work out.
Love is the way out of pain and the key code to the portal of life on the 5th dimension.

..... come on in.  I love you!  Lizzie