Thursday, October 5, 2017

5th Dimensional Reality and a World with No Suffering already exists

It is not about WHEN you will ascend to the 5th dimensional timeline, remember there is no time.. it is about desiring to be in a higher dimensional reality.   It is already there.  Yes, there is an Earth where everyone lives in JOY and there is no suffering.  It is an Earth where the people instinctively know they are a Unity Consciousness and as such never alone and never without.   
Every reality that is happening is an activation.  Physical reality is a response to what is happening in your energy reality.  If there are unpleasant things happening in your direct environment then it is occurring so that you have a chance to clear something from not only your own timeline, but also from the collective consciousness. How do you do this?   It is done by how you respond. Maintaining a high vibration type of response is the way into a 5th dimensional reality. Things are going haywire in the 3rd and 4th dimension because it is collapsing.  If you were to have access to multiple dimensions you would Know this is happening to help open hearts so that the Soul's True Self may be revealed and the Higher Self which knows perfection can come forth. 
A high vibration response is one of "compassion, love, support, hope, encouragement rather than a response of fear, pity, sorrow, sadness,  or blame.
  Do you feel what I am saying?    Learn to have empathy without needing to heal or feel another person or groups pain.    It is none of your business.They are working their way through the darkness.   Your business is keeping your light bright when the physical world is showing a timeline of Darkness and suffering.   Remembering your soul's Divine Gift from God is Love.   Love Trumps all.  Do you think it is a coincidence there is someone who provokes so much judgement and low vibration  is named Trump?    No fear no blame. you got it.   Love's got your back.   Mother Earth has already ascended so don't worry about her.  She is your Mother and she holds you in her womb until you are ready to be birthed. 
Stand in your Power.  It is your transmission you are watching.  Watching with no blame and no fear 
allows you to transcend Judgment.   Expanding your consciousness in this manner with propel you into the desired 5th dimensional world.  You may not agree with what i transmit but everything is an activation and free will means you can take it or leave it.   I celebrate a new Earth with no suffering and pain.  I am that I am.