Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to my new Blog!  I am calling it the 5th Dimension love Portal because I believe that leading a life with an open heart and ability to truly love yourself and others creates the doorway to raising your consciousness to the 5th Dimension.  It is a journey of awakening the soul to new realms and it is not a quick or one step process.   It is also helpful to know you are not alone in the journey. You do go through the initiation alone, however, it is not without the help of many other loving souls cheering you on and feeling deep love for you every step of the way.    
To walk the path of enlightenment, as one of my favorite spiritual teachers Matt Kahn, says, is to take "the High road."  Everything will happen as the Divine unfolds, but we have choices everyday that can determine whether the bodies and characters we took on when we came into the third dimension will have a good or not so good time of it all.  Taking the high road is to act in the highest potential of your character, which will always result in a life lived with more joy and higher consciousness for all.

The key difference to life in the 5th dimension is that everyone is heart centered and the mind and heart are so closely connected, that all communication is highly conscious.  Decisions are made not by how they will create a cause or effect, but by what is understood as an inner knowing of what is best.   With highly attuned clairvoyant abilities our thoughts are clear and intuition easily followed, making for extremely compatible interactions.  

When i say this is not a one step process or something that will happen overnight, (like so many people thought would happen upon the arrival of 2012, an instant Golden Age,) it is a process that will happen, we are in a time of "awakening."   To be aware and participate in the unfolding of our new enlighten selves is why I came here.  It is like going to the desert in the rare time that flowers bloom.  

Learning to love, really love, is the key initiation, however, as your vibration rises, sometimes the body needs to make adjustments and this can leave you with ascension symptoms that can create physical and emotional challenges that will knock you off "the high road,"    Adversity becomes simply a tool to nudge you back on it.    I am here to remind you that you are loved and that everything is going to work out.
Love is the way out of pain and the key code to the portal of life on the 5th dimension.

..... come on in.  I love you!  Lizzie

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