Thursday, July 30, 2020

Timeline and Prayer

From Lotus Petals A Wake-Up Call regarding Timeline and Prayer

Lotus to Davis:

‘I don’t suppose you believe we can change timelines with imagination and prayer?’ ‘What do you mean by timelines?’ ‘I mean a shift into a different reality that exists in parallel. A timeline would be one version of reality in an infinite multiverse of possibilities.’

Through the character Lotus, I am attempting to introduce the concept of a multidimensional reality. I wrote the story in three different narratives that are relatively similar; however, the outcomes are very different to illustrate how even small decisions can result in significant change.  I also want to show how timelines that are close to each other can sometimes bleed over into the different parallel reality or be affected by thoughts and prayers. In one reality, Lotus is praying for an outcome that occurs because she has imagined it. As a creator being which Lotus comes to understand she is, she learns the expansiveness of imagination and that all things imagined are real.  Lotus dares to imagine a world in which there is peace on Earth.  

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