Sunday, July 26, 2020

Happy Mayan and Galactic New Year -July 26, 2020

Happy New Year - July 26, 2020 Year of Blue Lunar Storm

Funnily enough here in Hawaii as we usher in the year of the Blue Lunar Storm on the Mayan calendar, we are also experiencing a hurricane passing through the vast blue ocean.

If I look out into the world, I see a timeline not aligned with my soul signature, which is one of surrender and relaxation.  I take a moment, a deep breath, and connect with my higher self. I feel into what it is I truly want. What I sincerely wish deep in my heart is "Peace on Earth." Lotus Petals - A Wake-UP Call, Book One tells everyone this is possible. It is imminent for those who can imagine it.

Peace on Earth is not a naive request of a beauty pageant contestant, it is the knowing of a galactic being, who sees a timeline on Earth of a Golden Age and abundance for all. And so on this New Year's Day, I ask the winds of the hurricane to blow away any doubts I have in my unconscious, I ask the tumble of the turf of the water to shake loose any limiting beliefs or dark programs. I ask the Earth on which I stand to anchor me into a timeline of Peace on Earth. I light a fire in my soul to have the courage to create change.  I soar like an eagle through the sky to gain an elevated perception of the journey ahead.

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